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Environmental Sustainability Policy

Industree Group Pty Ltd is a Carbon Zero certified company since 2011, meaning that our entire carbon footprint / emissions are offset to counter our impact on the environment.

Industree Group undergoes annual audits to assess our carbon emissions. This includes reporting the volumes of annual products sold, usage for water, paper, electricity etc. which are then offset by investments in the planting of trees and supply of cooking ovens for indigenous people the world over to reduce deforestation.

Our environmental and sustainability commitment is to ensure we understand the aspects and potential damage that our trading can incur to the earth to the extent that we have changed the way we operate eg:

  • Implementing energy saving devices to reduce electricity use
  • Minimising the use of water
  • Recycling all paper and cardboard products
  • Reusing corrugated cardboard and cartons
  • Reducing the use of stretch wrap with pallet bands and straps
  • Encouraging carpooling among staff

As our business continues to grow through sound planning and responsible management our waste products increase pro rata. Our constant focus and primary goal is to reduce waste through reuse and recycling.

Improved Cookstove Projects: Kenya

In Kenya, over 73% of the population rely on traditional cooking methods that use biomass fuel in a ‘3-stone fire’. However, the burning of biomass poses a significant health threat, as it is a major contributor of household air pollution – the fourth largest death and disability risk factor in Kenya.

Improved cooking solutions, that reduce the demand for wood fuel, are key to improving energy access, decreasing dangerous exposure to household air pollution, and relieving the pressure on local environments.

The project distributes improved cookstoves to households across Kenya. The project has achieved high levels of market saturation, ensuring that as many households as possible can benefit from the improved stove technology. The project works with local community groups to demonstrate the correct usage of the stove to build a strong local understanding of the technology in order to ensure that the stoves are suited to the local context and the dangers of fuel combustion are reduced as much as possible.

Each improved cookstove saves at least 50% of wood required for each household, reducing the hours that women spend collecting wood fuel, and alleviating the pressure of wood demand on the local environment.

With the significantly reduced fuel consumption and increased thermal efficiency of the cookstove, household air pollution and carbon emissions also correspondingly drop, greatly improving the well-being and lives of thousands of families.